1. Does my NON-REFUNDABLE deposit go towards my service?

Yes. Each client is charged a specific dollar amount of their service cost via PayPal and the rest is due at the end of the appointment. The actual deposit depends on the type of style selected. A service fee is attached to the deposit and is not deducted from total tender.

2. what type of payments do you accept?

I accept cash, CashApp, and PayPal. Please note that if you decide to use CashApp or PayPal, you'll be subjected to a $10 service fee. 

3. can i change my appointment type after booking?

Yes. Clients are allowed to cancel or change appointments prior to 48 hours of scheduled appointment via their confirmation email. The email allows you to change everything except your length. If you need to change your length, please text the provided number.

4. Do I need to do anything to my hair before arrival?

In an effort to save time, hair should be washed and blow dried completely. 

5. Do you provide the hair?

Yes, I provide Xpressions Braiding Hair for braid services only. If a client decides to provide their own Xpressions Braiding Hair, $15 will be deducted from service. Please note that the service may take a bit longer. 

Bob/Mid Back: 3-4 Packs
Waist Length: 4-5 Pack
Booty Length: 5-6 Packs

6. Do you match my natural hair color?

If you can provide a photo of the exact color you would like, I can attempt to source the exact same color.

7. Do you braid short hair?

Yes. For the sake of the quality of the style, I do not do hair shorter than 3 inches.

8. How long do the braids last?

It depends greatly on upkeep. The average is 6 weeks.

9. Do you seal the ends?

Yes. I knot them. 

10. Do you braid painfully tight?

It is tight enough to stay secure but not tight enough to cause tenderness.

11. Are the braids heavy?

It varies. I do intend to make it as light as possible. My goal is to provide quality, full braids that are not too heavy. Weight will increase with quantity and length.

12. Can I bring children/friends?

Space is limited so additional people would need prior approval.

13. Do you use client photos on your site?

Yes, all photos of hairstyles are styles I completed. All photos posted to social media are subject to public use on this website as well as the ShakeraBraidsATL social media profiles.

14. Can I wash my braids like normal hair?


15. Is there parking?

Yes, Free.