even queens have rules

Reading this page thoroughly will help you, help me, help you.

Appointments are first-come, first served and must be booked via scheduling site.

Non-refundable deposits are applied to services and are required when booking appointments. 

Cash, Cash App, and PayPal are accepted as payments.



I am located in Atlanta, Georgia inside of The Beauty Circuit Salon Suites. The lounge is apart of SK Beauty Suites. It is important to be punctual to your scheduled appointment. I recommend that clients familiarize themselves with Atlanta traffic because late fees apply after the 10 minute grace period. After 20 minutes of tardiness, it is required that clients re-book and forfeit their deposit. No call, no shows will not be allowed to book future appointment. If cancellations or changes need to be made, clients are required to do so via confirmation email, at least 48 hours in advance of the appointment. Same day changes are not allowed due to timing.  Same day changes include desired hair color, length, and size. 

process of booking

1. Be deposit ready.

2. Apply coupon code in "Redeem Coupon" section.

3. Pick desired length. Pay attention to inches and estimated time.

4. Pick desired date and time. If it is not displayed, it is not available.

5. Fill out form that includes name, phone number, and email.

6. Fill out additional form to choose desired size, parting, hair color, and accessories. 

7. Pay deposit. (Service charge is attached and is not deducted from total tender.)

8. Receive confirmation email from ShakeraBraidsAtl. Changes and cancellations can be made via this email.

9. Receive confirmation text with address. 


hold your head high

Braids are individually priced by lengths. In order to ensure the client gets the service she selected, it is crucial that we have an understanding of sitting up straight and centering your head. Titling will result in titled parts and slouching will give the illusion that braids are longer than what they actually are. It is natural for me to request that the client do these things during the appointment, but it is a joint effort to ensure the desired length.